Monthly Newsletter from Morrison Avenue Bowling Club

November 2017

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Bowls NZ Census and Club Visit

Men’s Inter-club Entries – Post Christmas

Men’s Club Championships

Defibrillator Training Session

Club Snippets

Introduction : What a great spell of weather we have been having lately, plenty of sunshine with very little rain. This has helped the growth on No.2 green although the irrigation has been used most days to keep the Cotula growing. Cotula is a type of butter cup and thrives in damp wet conditions so it takes careful management of the greens to maintain a good playing surface.

Both greens are receiving plenty of attention and as usual we ask that members look after them. Our greenkeeper still requires empty 2L ice cream containers (square) to measure the quantity of water put on by the irrigation system. Please drop them in the office or greenkeepers shed.

Currently with only the one green members may find that some maintenance is needed to be  done during the week. This may result in the No.1 green being closed for short periods. Please check the website or notice boards for information. The greenkeeper is planning that No.2 green should be ready for play in early December. Thanks to the volunteers who helped with the topdressing on the green recently.


There were very few subscriptions outstanding at the end of October and our Treasurer wishes to thank those members for their support. It is an expensive time of the year for the club and the subscriptions certainly help our cash flow.

Any members who haven’t paid are requested to pay as soon as possible as by not having a current membership card you can jeopardise your full involvement in club activities. Anyone who wishes to discuss the payment of their sub can contact Treasurer Gary Townsend or President Denis McMurtrie.

Members need to carry their membership cards with them at all times when purchasing alcohol from our bar or any other club they visit. As discussed last month the licensing authorities may visit the club at any time and if you don’t have your card with you we could be liable.


The club has purchased a new dishwasher for the kitchen and Catering Manager Barry Doherty has requested that you don’t use it without prior instruction. This was another financial outlay for the club but it further improves the equipment and facilities available to the catering staff.

Bowls NZ Census and Club Visit

Bowls NZ has recently appointed Mark Cameron as CEO, he replaces Kerry Clark who had  a long and distinguished career with Bowls NZ. One of the first tasks the new CEO requested was a census of all bowling clubs in the country.

We filed the information requested and this was followed up by a visit from Lorraine McLeod,  South Community Development Officer. She was very impressed with our club, remarking on our strong membership, our hosting of the MPRFC junior prize giving, excellent greens, spacious grounds and impressive kitchen. Our facilities certainly opened her eyes to how well Morrison Avenue is doing and we all should be very proud. Once again we thank all those volunteers for their excellent work around the club rooms and grounds.The club is certainly looking a picture at present.

Men’s Inter-club Entries – Post Christmas

The lists for these are now on the main notice board in the club rooms. Please enter your name in the competitions you would like to be considered for URGENTLY!! The team entries have to be in with the Centre early in December so we need names now!!. Team selections are always at the discretion of the selectors.

Men’s Club Championships

Dates for all matches have been entered on the draw sheets and members are asked to play their games by that date or before. It’s important that we keep things ticking over with Christmas not far away and the first Champion of Champions event, singles due in January.

It is vital that all singles matches have markers and it is up to the players to organise these in advance of their match. If you are asked please help out and in particular if you are playing in the singles and a loosing player you should mark the next match.

Defibrillator Training Session

About 12 members turned up for the defibrillator training session held recently and by all accounts it was very informative. The CPR practice on a dummy proved very useful and members spoken to said how hard it was to maintain the correct timing for a long period.

The rest of us can be reassured that we have some well trained members who can react in an emergency.

For any further enquires re the defibrillator or any other Health & Safety matters, please contact our H & S officer Richard Clemett.

Club Snippets

Green Fees – The club has set green fees for affiliated members at $5.00 head and $10.00 head for non-affiliated and bowls hire is $5.00 set. A full list of hall hire charges is available from the Secretary Margaret Shields if required.


The website is continually being updated and members are urged to make use of it for inter-club teams, club championship draws, green opening status and much more. Just click on this link and add to your address book.


Once again we highlight the continuing battle our team have in organising sponsorship for all our tournaments. Money is tight out there and if you can help in any way please contact a member of the team: Bob Davison, Colin Wormald, Robin Hart or Treasurer Gary Townsend.

If individuals would like to sponsor a tournament the cost is $135 for 1 green and $270 for a 2 green tournament. Please contact one of the team if interested.

Business House

Business house starts in early January and organiser Margaret Shields has entries from 30 teams which only leaves 2 required for two full greens. If you haven’t been approached and would like to play please contact Margaret.

She also needs spare players to fill in for people who are away and perhaps you don’t want to play the 6 weeks but would fill if required. Please contact Margaret.

We have a new format this year with 2 x 50 minute games per night and we are sure that this will make for some exciting matches. If is a great fund raiser for club so lets get behind Margaret and make it a real success.

Men’s Mid-week Dress Code

We all know that the dress code for Saturdays is always club shirt and white/cream trousers or shorts. White jerseys and approved jackets can be worn if needed.

With the mid-week, if you are playing in a team representing the club dress is club shirts, tidy trousers or shorts (no jeans please) and white jerseys. For club days white shirts are an option. We don’t want to be the fashion police but ask that members take a pride in the club by wearing the correct clothing.

Newsletter compiled by Ray Blyth – 16 November 2017