Monthly Newsletter from Morrison Avenue Bowling Club

February 2018

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  • Greens Report
  • Golden Oldies Sports Tournament
  • EFTOS/Electronic Payments
  • Club Snippets
  • 2018 Clubs of NZ Mens Tournament
  • Bowls NZ Intercentre

We are half way through the second part of the season and there is plenty happening round the club. Both the womens and mens championships are well advanced and the first C of C events, Mens Colts and Womens 1st & 2nd players is being held on Sunday March 4.

The Business House Tournament has the final night on Wednesday 21 February and unlike other years there is no theme for the night. However, it should be an exciting night with the 4 top teams playing off in semi finals and final. The new format (2 x  50min games) is proving very popular and gives everyone an even chance of having a win on the night. The weather this year has been very kind, with warm dry nights and we are hoping for the same next week.

Greens Report

The usual maintenance is being carried out on the greens with irrigation on most nights, regular cutting and spraying and of course the daily rolling. The dark patches on No.1 green have received a lot of attention and are slowly reducing in size. However, it is a long job and there is no magic fix.

Our Greenkeeper Bill McMaster wants to paint the surrounds to No.2 green but the paint already there needs removing. It is an acrylic which has lifted and will need scrapping back. It is intended to hold a working bee shortly to help with this, so please watch out for details of day/time and help out if you are available.

Golden Oldies Sports Tournament

The above celebration of sport is being held in Christchurch from Sunday 22nd April to Sunday 29th April. Bowls will be played on 4 days of that week with plenty of social activities available to all participants.

There is great news for Canterbury bowlers – entry is free for any combination of pairs or fours.

The Canterbury Centre has received a lot of volunteer support for the event and have come to the decision to make entry free. Anyone who has paid an entry fee will have it reimbursed. The social events still need to be paid for if you wish to partake but this is good news for our members as they can now enter without the need to buy an expensive package. It will be a great chance to play against teams from round NZ and the world, so get your entry in.

EFTOS/Electronic Payments

The Committee at their last meeting passed a motion to install an EFTOS machine in the club on a trial basis over the winter. This was not an unanimous decision but the majority felt there was a need for the club to accept electronic payments as every retail and service outlet now does much of its business electronically.

The advantages to the club are – meeting the needs of our members and visitors, particularly during the winter when PMRFC hold their prize giving nights. Also it can reduce the amount of cash on the premises and the money goes straight into our bank account.

There are a few issues to sort out but we do have to move with the times and this step will bring us into line with many other bowling clubs in the city.

Club Snippets

Driver Payments – This is just a reminder to pay your driver if you travel to an away club for your match. The recommended charges are in the front of the handbook and it is your responsibility to make sure the driver is paid. With destinations such as Ashburton or Methven marked with an asterisk, the minimum fee is $5.00 however the passengers should negotiate a fee which reflects the distance and costs in running a car to these destinations..

Saturday Morning Inter-club- Home Games

We don’t nominate a duty team as we now feel that it is the responsibility of all players playing inter-club to arrive in time to help with the set up for play. We expect players to be at the club in time to help, don’t leave up to others to do all the work each week. Normally it is only every second week that you play at home so lets make an effort to be early and help with the various tasks that need doing.

Morning/Afternoon “Tea on The Run”

You will notice that we have a new setup for tea on the run. An electric urn has been put down in the lower lounge and trays of cups are close by so that players can come into the lounge for their cup of tea. All that needs to be done is to fill the urn (the hose from the tap by the shed will reach) and make sure that milk, sugar, coffee, biscuits etc are on hand. This is much more efficient as those heavy tea wagons don’t need lifting down the steps. When finished the cups can be taken back to the kitchen in the trays for washing.

Inter-club Results

Before Christmas the Men’s Vets Double Triples played off in the finals of their competition and although not winning they were runners up. Congratulations to the 2 teams comprising Alan Hughes, Alf Skinner, Len Isitt, Lester Reed, Tony Pat and Robin Hart.

Asphalt Repairs to Entrance Way

You will see when you come through the small gate that the asphalt has been repaired and resurfaced. At this stage we do not have the funds to resurface the whole carpark but will patch the pot holes where necessary. This is a costly exercise (about $110 per square metre) but when it becomes a Health & Safety matter we must fix it.

We all have to take responsibility for H & S  and if any member sees any outstanding issues please bring them to the attention of Richard Clemett who will see that the problem is fixed.


The website is continually being up dated and now has a lot of information available to members. It shows inter-club draws and teams for each week, draws and results for club championships, business house results, news items, daily reports on the greens status and much more. The layout has been improved for mobile use and is much easier to use with a phone or tablet.

We have to thank Bill Hainstock and Bob Davison for all their work in keeping this up to date so please make use of this facility on a daily basis. If you haven’t used it before here is a link to the website or simply Google Morrison Ave. To make it easy bookmark the link and you will get there super quick.

2018 Men’s Chartered Clubs Tournament

This tournament was held in Christchurch recently and our club hosted 3 days section play and the finals of the plate competition. This was a very successful week but only because of the many volunteers who put a lot of time and effort in ensuring the tournament ran smoothly at Morrison Avenue. There are too many volunteers to name but please accept the Clubs sincere thanks to all from the catering, bar, early morning setup, greens and of course umpire Tom Hogg who had 4 long days. 

The players complimented the club on its greens, catering, bar service and facilities so well done everyone. The club received a good boost to its finances from the catering and bar sales so it was well worth the effort..

Bowls NZ Intercentre Bowls Competition

The Bowls NZ Intercentre Mens and Womens event will be held in Christchurch during March. Headquarters is Burnside and we are on the shortlist as one of the clubs to host section play.

The Bowls NZ Intercentre is an open entry event for all 27 centres throughout New Zealand.

Each side will consist of seven players, playing singles, pairs and fours. In the past this event has seen 420 of New Zealand top bowlers competing fiercely for National honours.

Play would be on Friday 23 March and Saturday 24 March at Morrison Avenue with the finals at Burnside on Sunday 25 March. Hosting a national event is one of the objectives of the greens staff but it all depends on the decision makers to decide if our greens met the requirements for an event of this status.

The usual volunteers will be needed to run the event so please help out if you are asked. It will also be a great opportunity to watch New Zealands top bowlers in action so make time to come down and watch.

Coaching Tips

Here are some advanced coaching tips courtesy of the website.

Teaching more advanced players how to deal with a mat up the line

Provided wind conditions do not change on each side of the green there is one angle at which the bowl must be delivered for it to finish on the centre line.

Some bowlers visualise this angle. If you do this you do not need to worry about the position of the mat

Most bowlers find their green from a point on the bank (hence keeping the angle fixed unless the mat position changed). Most ends of bowls are played with the mat between 1 and 4 metres of the T, and on the trial ends the mat will usually be in this normal range.

If the mat is less than about 5 metres from the T the change of angle is so small that it is not worth changing the bank aiming point

Where the mat is placed more than about 5 metres up the green it is easy to find your new aiming point

Before going to the mat for your first bowl stand on the line in the normal position (1-2 metres from the T)

Look at your aiming point.

Imagine a line drawn from where you are standing to your aiming point

Estimate the distance between this line and the centre of the mat

For the new mat position move your aiming point towards the centre line by that distance

More next month.

Newsletter compiled by Ray Blyth 15 February 2018