Bowls Etiquette 

Etiquette is about the customs and rules that govern social interaction within any specific environment. For bowlers it is about behavior on the green and in and around the club.

A dictionary definition of etiquette is

 “The unwritten or conventional laws of courtesy between players”

 Some of the unwritten guidelines are:

1. Be Ready – always be on time for start of each game and each end of play.

2. Bowlers start and finish a game with a hand shake.

3. Visitors are always made welcome.

4. When ready to bowl check the next rink, both ways, to see if another bowler is about to bowl, so you don’t both bowl at the same time to avoid bowl collisions.

5. First names are used on scoreboards along with club names if playing a visiting team.

6. Do not encroach, by standing or walking, on an adjoining rink.

7. Do not talk when another bowler is about to deliver his bowl.

8. Do not criticise bowls or bowlers either from your own or the other team.

9. Your opponent takes possession of the rink as soon as your bowl comes to rest.

10. Do not linger around the head (jack). All players should stand at least two metres back from the head  while the skips bowl, with the exception of the player who is giving the skip directions.

11. Take an interest in the game at all times to follow how the head is building.

12. Do not wander around talking to bowlers participating in other games, allow them to concentrate on their own game.

13. Do not pass or walk in front of the player who was last to play – they have the right to see how their bowl progresses.

14. Walk quickly when changing ends and stay within the confines of you own rink.

15. Help clear the head after the result is determined.

16. Show good spirit – win well and lose well.