Golden Oldies Festival of Sport 2018

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Great new range of Special Packages for Lawn Bowlers

A great new range of special packages for lawn bowlers has been developed for those who wish to arrange their own accommodation in Christchurch. There is a package to suit everyone – whether you just want four playing days of good bowls or the week of bowls and a full off-the-green range of social activities.

Select your package and register your entry now!

Yours in Bowls,
Colin Pierce



On behalf of the Morrison Avenue Bowling Club, I attended a function at the Christchurch Casino, which was to launch locally the Christchurch Golden Oldies Festival of Sport.
This festival is to take place during April 2018 and includes 10 different sports playing in weekly brackets over the month.

For the first time Lawn Bowls is to be a part and are playing during the last week of play 22nd to 29th of April.

The idea of golden oldies is to have teams from all around the world taking part but also requires a good number of locals to play to fit in with the ethos of the events.

Bowls matches are open for entries now for Pairs & Fours in either Men’s, Ladies or Mixed. Entries can be entered as a team or an individual (you will be placed in a team).
For more information go on their website,
This is not a club event so a team can be made up of players from any club or area.
So, have a look and give it some thought.

Tom Hogg